CrownKeepers, with the assistance of a generous donor, presents #SMALLSPACESESSIONS—an intimate set with your favorite (or soon to be) musicians. Launching February 2019, we’ll introduce a variety of musicians, vocalists and bands via video exclusives. Get to know them and their music in the comforts and quirks of our space.


CrownKeepers and the City of Charlotte's Solid Waste Services department present the annual happening, #REPURPOSEDCLT: An Upcycled Fashion/Furniture Show + Auction. The event is designed to encourage local residents to upcycle as a way to reduce waste. The show features looks from a variety of designers and showcases how upcycling can reduce waste and improve your personal health. Through the fashion show, local designers will select 'trashed' materials then upcycle them into fashionable clothing and furniture. This year, attendees contributed $1,390 to the advancement of CrownKeepers. THANK YOU TO ALL THOSE WHO PARTICIPATED AND WE'LL SEE YOU IN 2019.



The Conversation Course is a monthly program created to support community and art-driven conversations, all the while encouraging attendees to convene over a natural bonding agent--locally prepared cuisine. This, of course, is yet another nod to the arts! SPONSOR: ARTS & SCIENCE COUNCIL



'I'm An Artist Dammit,' is a monthly series where one artist--despite their form of expression--is celebrated and provided a 2-hr time slot at DUPP&SWAT to 'WOW' an audience with their gifts. Entry is DONATION ONLY! SPONSOR: ARTS & SCIENCE COUNCIL



'We Art the World' is an 'as-inspired' happening (during each quarter) where bags, bursting with art supplies (canvases, brushes, paint, etc.), are dropped throughout varies cities--though, mainly Charlotte--while clues delivered via social media, provide some sort of framework for those participating in the search.



CrownKeepers and Pardon My Grind, a Charlotte-based entertainment source, have partnered to present and host a monthly happening entitled, 'The Listening Room Charlotte' or #TLRCLT. This event allows independent artists, producers and/or poets the opportunity to share their upcoming projects and express their inspirations for the works with an engaged audience--receiving feedback, in return. Those in attendance are, typically, influencers in the industry including radio personalities, bloggers, notable producers, as well as fellow music lovers in the city and surrounding areas.



Dedicated to social action and change, CrownKeepers has partnered with Aisha Dew, a local activist, for #SpeakOnActOn. A monthly happening, the goal is to bring a group of diverse individuals together for conversation, networking opportunities, and the creation of action plans surrounding specific themes. We will continue to fight the good fight until there's 'justice for all!' Join us on a Tuesday!



More than the typical 'ice cream' social, CrownKeepers has partnered with Ben & Jerry's to create a 'chill' atmosphere for artists and creatives to network, grow and learn. Occurring every other month, attendees will mix and mingle, be inspired by an informative keynote speaker and enjoy the many flavors of one of America's favorite snacks--ice cream! How cool?!